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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 15, 2009 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> alysin: good morning everyone, at saturday, august 15, we begin with a "fox news" alert. there is breaking news out of afghanistan this morning. a suicide bomber contacts nato headquarters in combo. seven people are dead and at least 90 others are injured. the latest details that congress is out for the summer but the showdown over healthcare is at a going point, and now two senators are attacking each other on twitter. people wonder who's talking speaker you want cinema camera. you'll see me. a heated battle over bargains as brides prove finding the perfect wedding dress can be harder than finding mr. right. our slogan comes from zero in lexington kentucky, "fox & friends" is leon, they like you at the crack of dawn.
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>> announcer: it's time for "fox & friends". sue and hi, guys, look who's here. it's old school week weekend. it's really old-school mike jerrick in the house. >> alysin: it's so good to see you. dave burgess on vacation and mike is making his official appearance. >> mike: i'm not on "fox & friends" greeted. >> clayton: it's elvis week in honor of you being here. >> alysin: that is our own house band. >> clayton: there hear for mike. >> mike: is not for me. it's because of this past weekend 1977 on august 16. the ever service today. >> clayton: how has this changed? i asked for you set. >> mike: we sat in chairs is not the dirty couch. i like this crescent formula you have shown how has julian changed since you last.
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>> mike: you're really kind of pasty lustered ten. i heard from j yesterday, j phillips or hosted the show j phillips at me from his written about are victims of the seller soon we will call him have it on. >> mike: he put me in it. i think i centerfold or something. i don't know exactly speed five -- >> clayton: bike jerk of the year today. the e-mail controversy the white house we sought major garrett given a heated back-and-forth with press secretary robert gibbs attempted up uncomfortable watching that he would let us recap it for you and then we will discuss. civic assume that someone is violating the law. >> never ever signed up for anything related to this white house, senator obama as a candidate, senator obama has anything and have received e-mails from david axelrod. how could that be? and i could be interested to see
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we got it from and whether they're on the list. i want to be -- to make your time you need to give you these peoples e-mail signature, list? i'm just asking senator asking if they're on the list. i have no checking without asking me to doublecheck and name. select they are telling me they're not on the list because they never asked for an e-mail from the white house tonight i have to look at what you got, maj. i appreciate the fact that i have omnipotent clarity as to what you have received in your e-mail box today. i haven't. >> you don't have to impugn anything. i'm telling you what i got. e-mails from people saying i never asked for anything from the white house that they received something to make me go somewhere else that might be constructive. >> clayton: point is we saw in exchange for white house admitted according to "fox news" looking into what these e-mails were, where they came from. the people put their names on the list, or the list. "fox news" turn over these names to the white house -- they're
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now looking to see how they get these names on a list. >> mike: we called these names and e-mail these people and asked them permission to turn those names over to the white house he won the point is you're supposed to have to sign up at the white house. but getting unsolicited e-mails from the white house, that suggests that they have a master list somewhere. that must come from and who is on it. that's what major garrett was trying to get to the heart of. he also sang ) is prior to what you heard he said is this from organizing for america russian ark is the successor to obama for america or. that's what the dnc set up to help the candidate treated so that would be illegal. that's where reverend in-sourcing can you rephrase the question without suggesting that we are violating the law somehow ? >> mike: he wanted e-mails we contacted the people and send them back to the white house they will look at them safe and get them off the list.
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>> clayton: the white house as they maintain a massive e-mail list to promote positions on things such as healthcare. we'll get our updates. >> mike: i would like to get off a lot of lists. get rid of all the spam in my computer so i can only imagine the ones you are on. meantime we have to update you on the tom hall's because president obama is gearing up for another time on meeting and sightseeing today after yesterday's meeting in montana. joining us from big sky montana is mike emanuel. good morning early to you. how did this town hall meeting go yesterday? spent it was pretty good, alysin president obama today will be parked tourist in chief taking his family to yellowstone park, doing another town hall event in grand junction, colorado. the president yesterday was in belgrade, montana, the home state of max baucus was in the middle of healthcare reform negotiations as chairman of the senate finance committee. the pitching montana is with healthcare reform. insurers would not be able to drop you if you become seriously
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ill. mr. obama's town hall and montana had a very campaign to appeal there was thought president obama might get feisty questions from people opposed to healthcare reform the present mostly softball questions and made reference to some of the fireworks we have seen on the news this summer with members of congress singles events. what's take a listen. st. ann out there has been a lot of attention paid to some of the town hall meetings on time around the country, especially when tepper's player. tv). tobacco brought is in montana, but the president did get a top couple tough questions that don't agree with him when cassini watches cable news, trust cable news, is a member of the nra ostinato president will pay for this healthcare reform another guy works in the health insurance industry and wants to know why he feels the president is below find the health insurance industry. tough questions but very respectful. >> alysin: get there weren't
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many tough questions is you're saying most were softballs which is interesting because this is just opened the public heard the white house had no hand in picking audience members. >> about 70% of it was basically are scum first-served. 30% were given to local dignitaries to hand out to supporters and friends. about 70% was anybody wanted to come. >> mike: why are his tom hall's so different from senators? >> clayton: if you were president of the united states, maybe just have more respect. >> mike: it seems like president obama is sometimes begging for a fight. more of a feisty exchange still in effect as a visor is one of tough questions so we can knock them out of the park. that didn't happen. me tell you what else is happening in your news because at least seven people are dead and 91 people are wanted after a bomb exploded outside nato headquarters in afghanistan. the bomber managed to slip past
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security. this is the first major attack in kabul since february and comes less than a week before the residential election. many farm -- foreign workers have been encouraged to leave the country until the election is over the net more shocking details about the deadly midair collision over the new york observer. the air traffic controller at teeterboro of new jersey was apparently chatting on the phone with his girlfriend about his dead cat. according to transportation officials the controller also initially failed to warn the pilot of the aircraft in its path. there you see the video of the horrible crash. nine people were killed in the accident. the controller and his supervisor are on administrative leave. >> another u.s. major bank collapsed. regulators seized alabama-based lono bank, the largest bank failure in the u.s. this year and the sixth largest in u.s. history. the bulk of colonials $25 billion in assets was bought by bbt. they also shot for smaller banks yesterday. seventy-four banks have now
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failed this year. the concert started. >> check this out a penguin at it with a custom-made wetsuit to protect them from the elements. neat rows of anyone. officials in england said ralph neas's suit to prevent him from getting sunburned. he is bald. it keeps him warm at night because he doesn't have little hairs. do keepers said ralph couldn't be happier with this new) yes he was named after fashion designer ralph lauren. >> mike: why does he go to a hair club for men kind of thing or wear a wig? this is a wig, it's a piece notes that. actually it isn't. you know, i now host good day philadelphia. >> clayton: that's fantastic. >> mike: i'm not which j anymore. do not for three weeks of course philadelphia, pennsylvania, and the talk yesterday on our program is all about michael vick. >> clayton: it would seem appropriate. >> alysin: what are people saying?
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>> mike: we took an online poll on yesterday's show good day philadelphia and guess how turned out? >> clayton: i'm from philadelphia and people asked me, how do you feel about this? before -- i don't even know the pool. this is interesting i don't know the pool. philadelphians would come back, work hard and prove yourself. i think people like to forgive people if you want to work hard. somewhat to say 70% said i'm hear prove yourself we don't mind having them hear, 30% 21. >> mike: was the opposite. 70% said we don't want them here. 30% said it'll be okay. i think it will change. i think it was a major correction to the announcement thursday night preseason game. he can't get their head around it, there are around it, their soul around it, figure out what will happen here, it may change but right now the philadelphia people are not happy they're protesting at his first records which is today. >> alysin: on the signal one of two ways.
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hideous things to animals he did , he served his debt to society. he went to prison for two years. which camp are you in russian ark theater after this on twitter, papa steve says what you are saying he says that want him supporting, kids following him as a role model but swanson wrote on twitter let the man get out of this light you get enough already. two years in prison. wade in and let us know what you think. >> mike: amenity helps eagles win, all of the forgiven speaker that's what i'm saying. >> mike: the philadelphia eagles yesterday instead of the eagles. >> clayton: rick reichmuth is here with a check of your sports soon on how sports looking around country *speaker6 that's the tropical season. we haven't had any storms we do not. this is tropical storm anna. this was a tropical depression earlier it was downgraded overnight became a depression and now a truck costar. our first of the year. this one is not a tropical depression or start just yet but
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will probably become bill at the end of the day and one of the two of these are interesting for the u.s. especially this one back behind here. potentially something for us by the time we get a week from now could be in the gulf, could be in the atlantic, could be knowing you're there goes this far down the road. we'll watch it closely. another wave across parts of south florida. it is tropical moisture and it will bring a lot of rain across parts of south florida today. that rain will move to the southeast the next few days. across the mainland this is the only road from severe weather parts of north dakota all at oklahoma favorite easter that you look good. >> alysin: thanks so good that so much. great. coming up, a townhall attendee gives a piece of his mind to his representative or health care reform. listen. >> how are you going to look at my children and i tell them they will have a better future with
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-- >> find out the stunning answer next when that guy joins us live. >> clayton: we're celebrating all this week with some of the greatest hits from the king of rock 'n roll. stingray and the jailhouse rockers are on our plaza. take a break. cinema but she ain't no good for you local but that's all right ♪ ♪ that's all right out baby coco and eight late you do. ♪ rewrite your hair's past and give it a whole new life. new aveeno nourish plus. active naturals wheat formulas proven to target and help repair damage in just three washes. - building shiny, strong... - hair with life.
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how are you going to look at my children, and their high, and tell them they will have a better future with $99 trillion in debt. >> alysin: that was mark crosland, he is a small-business owner, a voter and concerned citizen, he was at democrat senator ben cardin's townhall on healthcare and he joins us live from dc. that morning, mark. >> good morning alysin, good morning clayton, good morning my. >> alysin: we understand you're a small-business owner, give never been a clinical activist before but something lit a fire under you now. what exactly is it? >> exactly what i asked senator cardin and the townhall meeting. i came across this figure $99 trillion from a fellow named richard fisher was the president of the dallas fed ready pretty unassailable credentials. when i saw that figure of $99 trillion begin to wonder how this is going to be paid. in a small-business owner and
7:18 am
the father of four children i love very much, i couldn't imagine that we are going to saddle them with a debt they can't possibly pay. so i had to do something. so a few months ago i started getting involved and following the process. i stopped throwing my shoes at the tv when the stimulus bills are being passed and i decided to actually get more involved in the process. my children mean a lot to me, and i think what will their future be like if we don't resolve this now. it is already going to be tough. $99 trillion. >> clayton: got out there and brought up this number and asked him about the 99 chilean dollars in debt, but senator cardin repeated he will not vote for any bill that raises the federal deficit. so he doesn't seem -- he doesn't want the $99 trillion in debt, what did he say back to you? sackey didn't answer the question and quite frankly lascivious politicians will answer that question because the answer that question raises a
7:19 am
whole different set of uncomfortable questions. i think about it like this. if you are a boat in a river and you don't have anchor down, you just drift and drift and drift and i sort of think that way about the country. and we have lost our anchor, the constitution, this is what we drift into. these massive spending bills that really can't be paid for and it typically politicians will say what they have to say to get elected. senator cardin that morning he dated my question didn't deal with it directly and i don't think most politicians will. they're trying to ignore this issue and yet it will come home to roost and i hope at the end of the day this is one of the issues that starts to be talked about a lot is this debt. this healthcare initiative is going to add -- some estimate 1 trillion more dollars. where is that going to get paid for? it's completely lost on me. i read a book a while back and it was titled the forgotten man, and in this book she argues that it is the forgotten man, me, the
7:20 am
average citizen, who ends up paying for this, yet we don't have a dog in the fight. >> alysin: mark, your voice has certainly been hurt, and he spoke of a townhall meeting and thanks for coming on to explain it was suspending say thank you for having me on, folks. >> clayton: coming up on the show, billions spent on catcher clunkers, but the program is hurting mechanics over the country. one on a repair shop owner is here next, to explain. bicycle, i've missed you. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ .
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years since japan's writer to the allies in world war ii. >> next pub 18 motel mistakenly charged a penny for a weekend getaway. online. the hotel stands to lose about $130,000 because what they're calling human error but they give away free hotel rooms will probably get it back in droves now that people are there for free. that's how i think. next up $200, that's a much have to pay if you want to get your cat a high school diploma. the diplomas are offered by a company called jefferson high school online. all right. there you go, mike. welcome back to the shop. >> mike: it's good to be back. wow. the government wants you to think they have found the magic bullet for our economic woes with the catcher clunkers program. but has anyone stopped to think about the impact it's having on the nearly 164,000 and apparently repaired repair shops and art company? where in virginia joined by bill michael himself the co-owner of
7:25 am
michael automotive clinic. bill, thank you for being on the show this morning. i could use an oil change we will talk about that later. how has catcher clunkers aggregator business of reach readers know. >> well, this entire boondoggle is a negative for all of the independent family owned and operated shops in our country. this entire legislative agenda, of course, is all about special interests and catering to special interests in washington. we stand back and operate our family business every day, the same way we have for 33 years, and we practice the golden rule, make a lot of friends, and it seems to me that because we don't have the special interest here of the legislators in washington, we have to stand in the back of the line and sort of get the crumbs that fall off the table.
7:26 am
sorry to sound like i'm complaining or griping about it but i'm sick and tired frankly i family is sick and tired of people assuming that the paradigm of the car dealership is the way to go. >> mike: you make it sound like this is an elitist program, catcher clunkers. >> it is easy just. the whole point is we don't even have to have car dealers anymore the only reason people go to the target or not is because legislation protects them. you can't buy a car directly from the manufacturer now. you have to go to a car dealer where everyone knows -- maybe look at every survey that's been out, they will tell you that -- the service to you that people much prefer an independent family owned and operated automotive service repair shop. i think a lot of folks would like to buy a car online, take it to the neighborhood grouch and have it serviced. >> mike: i would like to take my clunker and get it repaired and make it more fuel efficient but there is no provision in the
7:27 am
catcher clunkers program for that. bill, we are out of time already but thank you and it was nice to have you -- to give you an opportunity to talk for all these different auto repair shop men and women who are losing money because the clunkers aren't being brought in for service. bill, continued success for you. >> thank you, mike. we appreciate you all. >> mike: secretary of state hillary clinton, not so happy select you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? the husband is not the secretary of state. i am. because the real reason the real secretary of state lashed out last week. straight ahead. and rick is outside with stingray, a.k.a. elvis. and the house rockers the seventh it is elvis week and because of that we have these guys here, take it away. we'll kill you why they're hear coming up ; when everything i do is local you give me hope and
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agreed that the muffin top. this is the muffin top camera. are you expecting? >> clayton: i'm about to pop. when you're shelling. >> clayton: are you comfortable there? >> mike: i'm totally uncomfortable but it's mike jerrick act and complaining already. a bridge is on vacation it's good to have you with us. it is elvis week. >> clayton: are correct is outside of the special guest c-17 is elvis week with all this week practice week is a salvation every year we have at graceland where elvis lived for quite a long time, he called home, to memphis tennessee this is the 32nd year of elvis passing, the anniversary tomorrow so fans from all over the world and country gathered to pay tribute to the king of rock 'n roll speak of it every time you see an elvis impersonator they're doing the 70s elvis is that of the 50s elvis about what's up with that? so i tested it with elvis in
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vegas and everyone identifies with the costumes children and adults. it's not exciting time in las vegas by storm had a transition ever but he gravitates to the costumes i am stingray and this is the jail house rockers behind me just billy make an even dumb i singer and we put over the place. >> rick: then we have stingray and the jail house rockers here all week. more coming up from the skies to and thanks much elvis and rick. >> clayton: there were fireworks in pennsylvania this week not only with the michael vick controversy but senator arlen specter in lebanon, pennsylvania , giving his town hall and he took some fiery messages, fiery comments, if you missed this earlier in the week this is a little sample of what senator specter saw this week in a town hall meeting. >> i reviewed 3,200th best i could. to me there's obviously written with the assumption that government has the right to
7:33 am
control our lives from pre-birth to death. for that reason it's not worth considering. it's not worth modifying, it's not worth amending, it needs to be dumped. [ applause ] >> i believe the polls show most people are happy with their healthcare. there are a few problems. the illegals, they shouldn't even be here. [ applause ] >> i would ask congress to do something to send him home so we don't have to deal with that. there are people who don't want to pay for coverage, denmark and pay for this service when i get the service. you shouldn't have to provide for that. let's focus on tort reform, let's focus on helping people carry their coverage over to a new job. but leave us alone.
7:34 am
that's all we would ask. would you leave us alone. >> clayton: that was one sampling of some of the fireworks. at worst. >> mike: it got more fiery. just before that the man tried to physically remove another one of the people of the town hall meeting. and arlen specter had to step in and break that up and then he got a tong lashing from his town hall who said he will taper this when you get to heaven or hell wherever you are going. i watched this live when it was happening, and like arlen specter really wanted to evaporate. >> alysin: i agree. he wanted to know where is my invisible pill right now. he was smiling that are missing that grinning didn't bring his teeth. some think that this whole episode may be his undoing as he faces challenges from joseph stack notably, andy, arlen specter has taken a different
7:35 am
tack with a town halls and other people. he is the person who said these people are not her percentage of of the country. he thinks this is sort of a fringe element are as covers for joseph stack says no, this is exactly mainstream america and they are speaking out. people are more angry at him. >> mike: joe sestak is running against arlen specter but a restless and pull yesterday said there's a republican named pat toomey will probably run against either spector were sestak and a poll out yesterday to medicci one of them. shockingly enough part of the state. >> clayton: this is shocking to me because as a pennsylvanian and you are in pennsylvania it seems to be the bellwether of the country. as goes pennsylvania so goes the country. we sounds senator santorum blues i fairly sizable margin to bob casey there. maybe the mood is now shifting back the other way for republicans in pennsylvania. alysin's point is this could be a moment. one moment think that fiery there at least have that sound
7:36 am
when -- this could be the moment that switches things for senator arlen specter in pennsylvania. listen to this connect one day god is going to stand before you and he is going to judge you and the rest of your cronies up on the hill. >> clayton: your cronies on the hill do when people are angry. the well arlen specter is a porter. >> mike: who would've known. are you treating you to push and mark *speaker3 .tuning i am spewing clayton. >> clayton: i was the first person ever to do it in the world. >> mike: who would've thought arlen specter and chuck grassley to eat. >> clayton: grassley twitters all the time and jackie karl rove wanted the early political soccer during and as an aspiring back-and-forth exchange between the two of them. >> alysin: they're both saying different things about health care reform so that they cannot upon themselves to send out the stores. this is from arlen specter.
7:37 am
>> mike: changer tweet. >> clayton: to go back and forth about it. all a dress you want sarah palin said this week about the death penalty which some republicans are trying to distance themselves from, but it is funny this is taking place in cyberspace for. >> mike: it's the times we live in and sarah palin is using those internet websites, facebook, myspace, to get her message out, and why not? >> alysin: isn't it strange to see these white-haired gentleman saying you are there using a cool putter lingo. >> mike: if i didn't die my hair you have another white-haired guy putting. >> alysin: meantime i have your headlines.
7:38 am
this is what's happening in your news. >> families of the victims of that deadly typhoon in taiwan are remembering their loved ones look at the grave. landslides from the typhoon or have killed more than 500 people one village is almost entirely wiped out. the typhoon was the worst storm to hit taiwan and 50 years and left 7000 people homeless and caused more than $1 billion in damage. >> intense wildfires burned out of control in california. strong winds have officials worried about new wildfires force evacuations in areas and already in a state of emergency. thousands have fled their homes in the santa cruz mountains. governor shorts and there will visit the fire zone today and rick reichmuth is here to tell us how books out there speak seven will talk about the tropics or not we have tropical storm cannot and potentially what could be hill. open the stars potentially
7:39 am
having impact for the u.s. tropical storm cannot not so much but they'll get likely today will become a tropical storm and we will have a more complete advisory. vocal storm and has kind of died off. it was the second tropical depression of the year and attended came back overnight. this is the official forecast over the next five days. by the fifth day gets close to areas of florida. this could be all over the place. some of the models are anticipating the store before it brings further, others are bringing it up to a category 2 hurricane. this brings it to just hurricane stirred -- drink but thursday morning somewhere off the coast of florida. and that we have built. models are picking up a storm potential behind that, our third start of the year so things are going in the tropics. more about the wildfires later. see one if folks in a new york suburb the pickup in earthquake no worries. it was just the annual running of the brides.
7:40 am
the big stampede at filene's basement on new york's long island had brides to be running over each other for wedding gowns as low as $250. a river when they did this in boston it was a big pile. running of the brides is so popular it is not happening in cities across the country. >> clayton: these women are crazy so i look that crazy guy. >> mike: you didn't do that they do. >> alysin: i covered it be three where women having five. five marriages? >> alysin: to pick one you like best. >> clayton: i thought they were stocking up. >> mike: if this one doesn't work out, that former. >> clayton: your aid big fan of the wing bowl. >> mike: it's a thing of philadelphia and i work on good day philadelphia and out and around super bowl time they have the wing bowl about 60,000 people filed into the wacovia center and you watch scantily clad women and big burly beefy men eat chicken wings as many as they can.
7:41 am
>> clayton: palace and eating a fruit salad every morning. they've put together a selection of the best male chefs in the country to come up with a how to find it determination for exactly what men like to eat one of versus chicken wings. number one is bbq sauce. they found men love argue sosnik and gone just about anything when you eat a tube sock with barbecue sauce. >> clayton: i have. >> mike: i put on eggs and just about anything except like twinkies or something. >> alysin: have you tried it? >> mike: i am not. give me a pretense of barbecue sauce. >> alysin: men like bacon. what else do men like. >> clayton: if you're like me i agree with the study just would rather just wait for dinner, give us a big dinner that have brunch i don't need to ask benedict. you want what you have against brunch rush and mark. >> clayton: is so girly speedy that. >> mike: another thing women do is cut hamburger hat.
7:42 am
i don't cut hamburger hat just shove your face on it soon no self-respecting man has ever cut his burger and have very a good all the time. >> clayton: that's what alysin will do. she will quarter it. >> alysin: it's tripping big and takes him to cut it in half. >> clayton: order this tiny little sliders do want another thing i never do at a restaurant , would you ever send something back? >> mike: i've never sent anything back, even whose bad. >> clayton: really? this entire talk to is rock, but rather than have each have spit on it i will just enjoy this cold fish a few weeks ago i ordered fish for dinner, and it was not cooked inside. it was like a wahoo, you know that fish? a difficult fish to cook i learned. and it was rock inside. so i sent it back. >> mike: i've never been a wahoo suing are confident enough to send it back.
7:43 am
coming up we will have a manly meal of all the ingredients that men like. >> mike: from that article. >> clayton: twinkies, o. bacon soon what's coming up, mike. >> mike: and we're going to fry some chicken and coca-cola. coming up, everybody could use some more sleep? i can so i can use them now. is there a danger of getting too many seas were not enough? >> alysin: hillary clinton lashing out. smack wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? i husband is not the secretary of state, i am. >> alysin: what was going on there? what was going on behind the scenes at that moment. we have a little insight. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet.
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7:46 am
>> we cannot want me to kill you and my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state, i am. you ask my opinion i will tell you my opinion. i will not be channeling my husband. >> alysin: that was a testy moment during secretary of state perry clinton's trip to africa. a reporter asked clinton about that moment on thursday.
7:47 am
she said i'd like to bring you back to the comments you made in the congo, my husband is not the secretary of state, i am. that has gotten more attention than anything else you said here, what was going through your head might be said that andy regretted? you're so clinton responded. >> i had a great time on this trip. i opened this newspaper and i think it looks like she's having a great time. from my perspective, the most important part of this trip are the relationships that we have built, the commitments that we have discussed the one she didn't answer it. what was behind clinton's blowup >> mike: let's ask "fox news" strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. thank you for being here. do you think a little of the dustup, the blowup, when she returned the answer to the student there, is that a reflection of her limitations as a diplomat or should mark so that i certainly think it is not
7:48 am
she has never do in a foreign policy hand, but what you are saying has it on the back story. or hillary or it i sympathize with her. she is trapped. she has to be the most disappointed woman in washington president obama is a cagey political insider. he did not want her in the senate with her own power base to rival his. he dangled secretary of state in front of her, she leaps out, then he takes all the power away from the state department. he basically has a lead on everything from middle east to mexico. joe biden appoints himself secretary of state for russia and the former soviet union or it richard holbrook it's afghanistan and pakistan. george mitchell gets the palestinians and israelis. with special rates for iran, for today, there is no power left. and then for hillary, her trip to africa, building on a strong foundation established by president george w. bush, it's an admirable ambitious trip. seven countries, 11 days, she
7:49 am
finally has her moment in the limelight and right at the start or husband goes to korea steals the headlines by bringing back to journalists. i think she's terribly frustrated because hillary is a talented hard-working woman. she's in the wrong job soon and route, you don't think it's just that she saw the question is being sexist, you think that behind the scenes she's actually being marginalized? that she is marginalized. she has no real power. she thought she would at least be able to have the africa portfolio and do this. and eagles are big and washington. she is talented but she has a big ego, and her husband smacked her down by the korea trip, and i think she's very frustrated. it is easy to knock hillary and she is hard-working. she is bright. she did a really good hard-working job for the people of new york as senator, but as secretary of state she is lost and confused. >> mike: kernel, we would have
7:50 am
15 seconds and i probably shouldn't ask this but i'm going to anyway. the comment she made in nigeria, you can't get more corrupt than that country about the 2000 election being corrupt, she basically said that jeb looks was responsible and fix the election. i'm surprised there's not more blowback on that. >> i'm glad you brought that up. that was disgraceful. she did take an anti-christian message to africa, and they need to hear that. it is the number one plate in africa. but nigeria said you are off the hook because of a corrupt election in 2000, absolutely nuts, and i fear she may be on the edge of a breakdown. >> mike: i'm on the verge of a breakdown and break. so i thank you, ralph peters. connectedness for beer lovers by kicking back a few cold ones could be good for your health. >> mike: that's why she is so healthy. this is her sixpack. i have a sixpack finally. the great taste
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>> alysin: is time for medical rewind. first up, new findings about aspirin and: cancer. >> clayton: with the facts as dr. jennifer waldon, google instructor of surgery from new york. they give for joining us. aspirin, can cut the: cancer risk. we care about benefits of aspirin. now this is a new study out that says we can do this samantha new study on serving 1200 people diagnosed with: cancer show those taking aspirin routinely had a 30% less likely death rate from: cancerous cell and 21% less likely chance of dying over all from any cause. this is exciting new research see when is it time to take aspirin.
7:55 am
>> the side effects of aspirin could be serious stomach bleeding and surgical bleeding after a procedure. >> clayton: we need more information see when there's a new study that suggests that lack of sleep can cause diabetes. they looked at people getting just five 1/2 hours of sleep or night what did they find. >> with 11 healthy adults who could not exercise and a junk food over a. of two two-week periods, the people that got less sleep or more likely to have metabolic syndrome like insulin sensitivity and that's the early signs of diabetes. those who got sufficient sleep did not chose early signs of diabetes. >> clayton: and maybe sixpack of beer because i've been excited about this all week. a new study says that thinking beer is good for our health. in what way they do for the study stomach the study looked at 1700 women average age 48 and showed light to moderate drinkers were less likely to
7:56 am
show signs of osteoporosis and handguns were damaged ceiling this confuses me. i thought carbonated beverages as beer leeches calcium from the bones. when his beer help your bones. >> beer has a biological element called the silicon in it and phyto estrogen's natural plant sources of estrogen, and those things are shown to prevent bone loss. i wouldn't recommend beer for everyone as there are on. of health effects from beer like alcoholism, feel alcohol syndrome, i don't think that this will become a recommendation. >> clayton: and artwork are this morning. >> alysin: women's bones. >> clayton: you want some beer, mike? thank you dr. >> mike: karl rove is upset because he put a sixpack of coors in your stomach that a trade. i don't read it all. but i thought we're going to be talking about the -- >> mike: i warmed up a fatal for him to mecca are to have breakfast so here's your agreement butterknife and
7:57 am
because i know you are missing the morning,. >> clayton: doesn't drink anymore. stack you better stop drinking. >> mike: openness on. >> mike: president obama has been begging for tough questions at these town hall meetings, so yesterday he got one. he got the toughest so far. that happened in montana. you know my lease iris? you watch and montana. >> no, i don't. i'm a fan of her father's music. >> mike: look at a piece of tape here. she is only 16. which he pulled dancing at the teen choice awards? that's a no-no. we will show you the footage on the comeback. the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors.
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when you're ready to ship, we'll even pick them up for free, no matter how many you have. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. call or go online now to get started. thirty-one good morning to this saturday i was 15. at this hour sarah palin is in the spotlight. the latest words on her website, she is not taking health care reform line down. >> mike: jail time for prayer time. two school officials face criminal charges for praying before lunch. how is that possible? governor mike huckabee weighs in on the controversy. >> clayton: my other favorite story of the day, fire fighters look to make a big splash. belly flopping and one of the most painful contests in the country.
8:01 am
i'm pretty sure karl rove wants to do that later. this is "fox & friends" he best morning show on television. >> announcer: it's "fox & friends" scorn spewing good morning everybody! and outlook was in the house. elvis is in the house and mike jerrick. >> mike: same thing. >> clayton: mike jerrick is it for dave briggs. >> mike: where is dave briggs rushing mark. >> clayton: he knows elvis is coming. >> mike: why i listed a. >> clayton: elvis passed away in 1977 today in 1977. so it's elvis week all week. >> mike: especially in graceland >> alysin: that will be our hospital and all morning. >> clayton: stingray. we're getting your twitter is we're talking about town hall meetings. when i was in helena, montana
8:02 am
governor governor of there. >> alysin: he would love a town hall meeting with the president. >> clayton: big news when the president shows up to montana. during campaigns candidates avoid montana i think there are three electoral votes it yesterday was the sight and sound of the town hall meetings, president obama opened for fireworks. the white house asked for tough questions he got one response. he talked about how television was a raucus. take a listen. >> i know a lot of attention has been paid to town hall meetings going on around the country, especially when tempers flare. the most direct us. soon the disregard that. tv does love a raucus and news does cover something when it is fiery. that sort of is the definition of news. but tv is not causing a ruckus. thanks they seem to be suggesting that cable news is, you know genning people up,
8:03 am
which is not the experience that all people report who are there. they have their own fire in the belly about all of this. >> clayton: dear member that seen the reporter claimed people coming to these tea parties was in fact just fake? susan rosen, it is just fake. >> mike: orchestrated. >> clayton: but there are real tempers, a real issues. it is not being orchestrated by television news. it'll are fired up and going there with real questions for the president spewing this is a tough question. listen to what happened in montana yesterday. >> we keep getting the ball. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. you are saving here, you are saving over there, you'll take a little money here and go there. but you have no money. the only way you'll get the money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. >> clayton: now that's a montanan. adjustable. >> alysin: the president opposite responded by saying
8:04 am
they're not going to raise taxes on the middle class but they are going to raise upon the wealthy. he didn't say that but he said most people's taxes will go up. >> alysin: and that's. >> mike: and get rid of the inefficiency of health insurance companies. >> clayton: senator baucus they're one of the leading champions of this in the senate right now. is there, the president going to montana two rally support there -- there's governor brian schweitzer in the center behind them is low. interesting state. we will get karl rove's perspective on this because as a conservative state, going in there to get your message to people in a conservative state, a traditionally conservative state -- >> alysin: having lived there and covering politics there, click -- clayton we've seen more heated conflagrations were people who boiled over and had to be escorted out by police montana did not do that. >> clayton: i was a little surprised but what if president fox and room there is a level of respect.
8:05 am
you may be at the breakfast table that morning sank when i see the president i will give him a mouthful. when you are there or on the president speak on in this so-called debates people to wonder if they're being screened. they say they are not. >> alysin: we did here from mike emanuel soccer with the president saying 70% of that audience was first come first served, 30% went to local dignitaries handpick who they want. >> mike: why would not the people most upset your first ones in line? >> alysin: i don't know. montana gentility in action suit and the president will be in four states today. montana, wyoming, colorado and arizona see one of the big states. what else is going on. >> mike: a georgia congressman who faced down a rowdy town hall meeting will meet with his challenger again today, and finds a suspect outside his office. caroline shively joins us from dc sue on what's this about.
8:06 am
>> that georgia congressman is david scott. he is indeed holding a town called today. we played video of the last few days he got in a screen match and started screaming at a doctor in the audience at a forum last week to ask him some questions. a lot has happened on the story including monday night a 4-foot wide swastika was spray-painted outside his office. that was vandalized monday night in smyrna georgia after news coverage last weekend shall be congressman losing his temper with these healthcare opponents. the fbi is investigating as well as capitol hill police say they're looking into it as a hate crime. scott showed fox a fire that was sent to his office with racial slurs written about him. those both came days after the video got heavy play in georgia and nationally up scott pointing and screaming at the stocker who said he wasn't in his district at a forum and the doctor wanted to talk about healthcare. scott said the people in the audience were trying to hijack
8:07 am
the event that was supposed to be on highway construction this is setting up a separate meeting on health care reform. listen to scott's reaction after he saw the swastika to make it represents the most hideous and the most difficult and the most hateful. in world history. to burn people under that sign but to spray paint that on a congressman sign says something about where we are in this country that we need to take a look at. >> we will cover his town hall today which is set to begin two hours from now in johnsburg, georgia. thank you soon thank you so much, caroline. meantime here are your other headlines this morning. >> violent fighting has broken out in the gaza strip between hamas and qaeda linked group. the battle ended at the moment within al qaeda linked leader dead. you can see the leaders are funded by heavily armed guards hours before he died there. the fighting started after hamas
8:08 am
soldiers surrounded a mosque occupied by more radical group. experts say the fighting was intended to set thomas power in the gaza strip despite a punishing blockade. >> new video of john mccain and several other centers in iraq this morning. they write in northern iraq after meeting with bull market of the in tripoli. the senator's greatest happy for his recent cogitations towards peace. how things have changed. u.s. -libyan relationships have improved since he gave up weapons in 2003. this visit comes as scotland considers releasing a man convicted in the pan am flight 103 bombing. >> alysin: and a lighter note, he interviewed everyone from oprah to samuel l. jackson but never managed to get the interview with the president he always wanted until now. david weaver is a fifth-grade journalist be met on our show during the political conventions he has been trying hard to get a sitdown with the president, and it is just happening.
8:09 am
he got his credentials. just listen to it when i interviewed vp joe biden he became a homeboy. now that i interview you would like to become a homo spec absolutely. thank you man. great job. >> alysin: i thought the president would say i'm so much cooler than joe biden a course on your homey. he also told them and they used to basketball study longer can. you will see my interview with david weaver to marco where he will give us the scoop. >> clayton: this is a story like we did for a long. >> mike: i am shocked that i have watched a bit of hanna montana soon how do you explain that? >> mike: there's no explanation. i stopped when i see it because she's kind of cute, and cute characters on the show but she's only 16. >> clayton: there's something psychological we need to evaluate. that's a separate story. my lease for us was a member of the teen choice awards tonight, and she was up there dancing on stage.
8:10 am
in a bit of a fiery moment, a lot of people a little upset about, she was on a pull on some sort of an ice cream cart that was being rolled out, there is the ice cream cart, some parents were happy about it because they think perhaps this sends the wrong message to young girls who might've been watching sue on youtube can grow to be a server. >> mike: and was fairly tame and it is just for a second sheet squatted down and that's what we captured this picture. >> clayton: she melted the ice cream that was -- >> mike: achy-breaky tart. >> clayton: chip in tampa bay or on us and said i don't care how you try to spin it, finally was on the pole. for a 16-year-old it's outrageous. i find it hard to believe that billy ray linda stoddart on the pull. >> mike: did chris rock sate your only goal as a father, you're one job, is to keep your daughters off the pole. is that the truth? >> alysin: billy gray has failed
8:11 am
it is being debated around the country because it is appropriate for her to be anywhere near a pool? she is 16 years old, she is a disney star, though you could also argue on the flipside issues -- whatever she does pales in comparison to other teams like lindsay long, producers. >> mike: the reason that the pull on that cart, it's an umbrella pole. they're supposed to be an umbrella on top. just something to hold onto virtual call off the thing is it's moving around stage *speakeri i have found if you dance in an ice cream cart it is better to hang onto things. at she just on a rounded or just sang and danced it was the move. >> mike: when she did the interview on thing. >> clayton: get your eagle on. >> alysin: center comments to the blog. so many people actually are to have. >> clayton: turbo ice cream cone, good humor scale and send it to the blog i will read them coming up. >> clayton: let's check in with
8:12 am
rick c-17 pull on an ice cream cart is still a server pool. when's the last time -- >> clayton: a poll by any other name. >> rick: but we have a tropical storm, tropical storm cannot our first of the year in the atlantic and it will potentially have impacts across the u.s. we have another one behind it that will have a much larger impact for the u.s. but this is the official advisory from the national hurricane center. there's a lot of uncertainty with this one. it could not affect u.s. at all it could become a stronger storm some models to make this a hurricane ugly monday or tuesday across the leeward islands. maybe this week we could deal with stuff across the u.s. the stuff behind that maybe next weekend could be a much bigger situation for the u.s. another tropical wave this will not become a tropical storm but it will bring a lot of moisture across parts of the southeast today, tomorrow and the next day, and it could cause letting that you guys.
8:13 am
>> clayton: does president obama want a single-payer system or federal funds cover everything? karl rove weighs in what the president said in the campaign trail. come on over, karl. see one i'm going to bet you like elvis. we are celebrating elvis hear this morning. some of the greatest hits from the king of rock 'n roll. stingray, that elvis impersonator, and the chill house rockers are our house than today. take away guys. ♪ midnight fire out of somebody help me get the houston time ♪ . i'm glad anticavity listerine® smart rinse™ attracts stuff like a magnet, then shows it in the sink. ewww. gross. cool! (announcer) listerine® smart rinse™. save, visit
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8:16 am
and. >> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends". president obama making conflicting comments on the comes to the idea of a single-payer system spewing karl rove is here he was former adviser to president george w. bush. speed connectivity makes any
8:17 am
threatening moves i am here for you. >> alysin: karl rove has taken to becoming my bodyguard. >> clayton: i love this woman. as the secret service coming in hear. >> alysin: you will be okay because you were here. let me remind you and the audience what the president said before he was ever present back in 2003 about a single-payer health insurance system. listen. >> i happened to be a proponent of single-payer personal healthcare. we may not get there semantically can intimate employer coverage immediately. there's going to be potentially some transition process. i can envision a decade out or 15 years or 20 years. >> alysin: you heard both of those were he talked about moving towards a single-payer system. now, on august 11 this week at a town hall he says, let me pull it up for everybody, i have not said that i was a single-payer supporter because frankly we historically have had an employer-based system in this country with private insurers
8:18 am
and for us to transition to a system like that ugly would be too disruptive so i'm not promoting a single-payer plan. has he had a change of heart question mark. >> you would be better off saying is to have that view but i'm trying to forge a national consensus and we can't get it around single payer. instead they launched linda douglass to attack the original videos and say they have selectively quoted from what he said. no, that's what he said. it's a question of who are you going to believe? mark me or your lying eyes and ears. they would be better off the site it's an idea that he changed. yesterday, the 12 statements of the president made yesterday. and this is one of them. and i didn't catch all of the town hall meeting's so there may be more. >> clayton: there is word there may be a transition to a single-payer system, my fingers out. in fact the man who worked under ronald reagan said there's no way this could happen. there's no way you can transition to a single peer
8:19 am
system effectively down the road is that something we may see from the president? >> i think what we're likely to see is if they adopt the healthcare as written in the house, hr 3200, there've been two studies done on at one of the original concept and as the bill as provided in what will happen is there will be enormous incentives for employers to drop their private coverage, particularly small businesses, and dump their employees on the government run healthcare system the analysis is maybe as many as 70% of americans lose their private coverage does the employer has to pay an 8% tax, equivalent to 8% of their payroll if they don't provide that care coverage. for a lot of businesses there are to pay more than 8% of their payroll or healthcare coverage so makes economic sense to say you know what? i'm no longer paying the bill you are non-government system. >> alysin: karl rove, we just talked about president obama's reform plans, but what does the gop have in mind is to mark this
8:20 am
idea better? what kind of plan should the republican party embrace. we'll ask karl rove the three karl rove has another television gig. it has nothing to do with news, nothing to do with us, we are hurt by it, but to respect next? i will give you a hint. our tune. we'll tell you about it, coming up.
8:21 am
♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast, so i can love the air™.
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8:23 am
>> mike: welcome back to "fox & friends". we have heard why the republicans don't want the democrat health-care plan but what could the gop offer in its place. >> clayton: we're back with karl rove former senior adviser to president george w. bush.
8:24 am
looking back. >> great to be here. >> clayton: we have heard five versions in the house on the democrat side, we heard a bill moving through the senate, president obama's plan out there , what would the gop do differently soon i could have offered interesting ideas. everybody in america ought to get a tax reduction or if you are poor they credit for health insurance. businesses ought to ban together and pool to get the same discounts big companies do. americans ought to save for out-of-pocket costs. there are to be a national market now it's a state-by-state market. auto insurance is nationwide. you can buy your help your car insurance from a lizard in bethesda maryland. somebody 25 years old 50 miles from hear in pennsylvania has the insurance cost one third of someone the same age in new york state. we ought to have medical liability reform. the cost of the federal tax pair of defensive medicine and
8:25 am
medicare and medicaid is estimated to be $35 billion a year just for these two programs imagination one with all healthcare. these are a few ideas people are talking about. >> mike: what i would like to do is opt out of my employer's health care plan. then get a tax credit. >> you would get the same tax advantage the company gets so makes your health insurance portable. you are no longer stuck in a job 40% of americans say they felt stuck in a job because they're afraid of losing health care coverage. this would make health care coverage completely portable so you would own it and take it job to job soon want to ask you questions you are not asked on any other news shows. >> mike: except "fox & friends." >> alysin: this is what we call rove unplugged through metro no. >> alysin: usually it's longer. >> i'm leaving now. >> alysin: you enjoy the intelligence on much you will not be on the different show. tell us about your appearance on
8:26 am
family guy, a cartoon russian ark smackdown ascii to explain it. my son andrew thinks this is a great thing. i will be on what rush limbaugh and i am sure we will be mocking liberals and mocking ourselves and mocking conservatives because this program is all about rude talking condescending nasty liberalness. anyway but in my defense my son is all for this. so how is your son? >> twenty. >> clayton: seth mcfarlane the creator of the show had this to say simin han sure a lot of reaction will be you monsters. how could you have karl rove on your show. but you know, we also take a lot of heat from a lot of right-wingers for the fact that we are so liberal and so blatantly liberal sweep it what's next in the. >> i'm taking a lot of heat for being associated with seth mcfarlane.
8:27 am
>> clayton: this is not the only show karl has done. we also have word now that paula abdul (title, speed when they are looking at you for a new host a three-day contacted us sing you would be fantastic to hunt you are taking over paula abdul. >> when a segment is over you and i have a few things to say clayton. >> clayton: thank you graphics department we appreciate you. >> that was clayton. they put a superimpose my ever clayton's body and you notice clayton was doing nothing he does like this. see what you guys take it outside. karl, thank you for being here symantec you for having me speak and we will let michael vick syllabus. michael vick, the convicted dog fighter what it could mean for a pic in the city of brotherly love straightahead. >> alysin: dozens of fire
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> mike: philadelphia says hi back to you. they miss you soon hello my dear. we have a special guest and it is elvis. is outside with rick rager. *speaker6 and it's staying right here are ellis. what makes you think i will be elvis question mark. >> it is not about that it is being a fan number one, that's the biggest thing my mother turned me onto it as young kid *speaker6 than the people tell you you look like elvis said he thought that or did you think i like elvis i will look like him stack it was sounded like him. people said i sounded like in my same. site developed it and add a look because i didn't have a look before that. once you start with the singing now you get to look. see seven you and your band where you perform to mark some equipment beautiful show starring the lovely prima donna at the metropolitan room in manhattan is at 9:30 pm. people can go to the metropolitan room website and look up at and i'm featured with her singing a couple duets.
8:32 am
we played all over the country. you can actually look at stayner helistat, and see where we are next *speaker6 than a lot of people at graceland for this annual event of elvis week. have you been down there during this week and i cannot get onto this week because we're busy working, but would love to be there our hearts are with the people there, and we love you, and keep rocking. keep the memory alive to see someone much more coming back with these guys, stingray and his band. >> clayton: thank you. to rebuild. it's one for the money. former alaska governor sarah palin said she would be all over facebook and twitter when she left the office of the governorship and she would say some salacious things she says i don't need to be held back by being in office to say things anymore. she has lived up to that on facebook. >> alysin: last week we talked about how she mentioned that the death penalty is being part of the healthcare system.
8:33 am
she used those terms. because that is such an incendiary term and to put the ear of god into people, the senate finance committee actually expunged that part, they called it the -- >> mike: and a like provision. >> alysin: they took it out because it ended up coming this or drought issue after she mentioned it. now she has another thing she is talking about on facebook. >> mike: the decision to end the end of like provision would not -- would have happened had she not started this fire storm on the internet are smart about that panels, even though she probably is off base with that? speaking to bring up a good point. when politicians spout things in a certain way to try to do it with flowery language. she came out and said it in an incendiary way, two words, that panels. it ignited people. people don't look through this and say provision on counseling and alive. she says that panels and people say what you talking about.
8:34 am
>> mike: is voluntary and that life. >> alysin: yesterday on facebook she has a new phrase that may become part of the particular call the complete license system she is opposed to what she calls complete license system. i believe what she's referring to is this cradle-to-grave medical plan that easy kill in manual brother of romping annual chief of staff is talked about. i've not spoken to him but i think he is talking about prevention and she feels this is way too invasive, a cradle-to-grave plan b. for your accusation on facebook is like this there sounds from the president on this aspect of the nationalization of health care. she's asking a question during another for the white house, does the president agree with the complete license system? which is policy advisor, as you said dr. ezekiel emanuel is advising the president on. so there seems to be a conflict.
8:35 am
>> mike: i applaud her for using these internet sites like facebook and myspace, social networking sites to get the message across because most people run their computers these days. it isn't all griping and moaning on her part. she praised the senate committee were getting rid of the end-of-life provision and she said this is just typical. it's great. people are voicing their opinion and their voices are being heard i applaud her for doing that. >> clayton: their voices are heard this one output or as we talked earlier about something going on in philadelphia. >> mike: if you're just joining us. >> alysin: you guys are fired up about this idled at thing. >> mike: i am doing good day ~d and i love doing that show yesterday's program was dedicated not to the phillies on this winning streak they got less about the front page, the front page of the philadelphia daily news had the headline with michael vick's picture sang what your dogs. be careful. michael vick is not a philadelphia eagle -- eagle.
8:36 am
spewing have you had on the pulse of philly, and use at this point people are angry. >> mike: is on the practice field for the first time today. we'll see if the protesters are back there. yesterday there was a slew of people assigned or very upset that the eagles decided after 26 nfl teams passed on him the eagles decided to put him on the field, michael vick skewing to the tune of $2 million. >> mike: it's $1.59 if they keep in the second season $5 million. >> clayton: what happens to donovan mcnabb. as an eagles football fan the eagles made a big mistake taking him up because he won't get them what they want to go. >> alysin: peta went in because michael vick was convicted of executing dogs and doing dog fighting they said "you have to wonder what sort of message this sends to young fans who care about animals and don't want them to be harmed." i heard the eta speak out more
8:37 am
about tuna fish being from a can speaker and also sing in responses this morning from viewers person writing a former correctional officer, as long as he is released he should be able to do whatever he wants. he served two years in prison. i have to say the opinions are about split here. people are saying he did this time he should do it once. >> mike: i disagree with the guy who said he will make a difference on the field. you put donovan mcnabb and michael vick on the same field the defenses will go crazy. they're also said the second half of that offense, one quarterback trying to another quarterback. that type of thing c-3 is similar to the atlanta -- offense. you're ascribing quarterback. it's a good match not only from a monetary standpoint but a good offense of match standpoint. we will seek to reclaim himself. >> mike: there was a fiery comment from peta yesterday that privacy lecture to show dogs and
8:38 am
drying of docs and the atrocities he perpetrated on these animals see one of your thoughts on this way in >> your headlines. the mystery deepens surrounding a missing russian ship. russia's maritime website says it is detecting signals from the ship off the french coast but france said the signals are coming from other russian ships. the ship known as the arctic sea disappeared last month. there are reports that may have been attacked by pirates in swedish waters. cnet one and 20 mothers and their babies gathered at the chick-fil-a and winter park, florida, to show support for nursing mothers in public places the nurse-end was organized after the manager of the chick-fil-a restaurant asked a mother to cover up while she breast-fed her baby there. restaurant received complaints about to cover her self with a kitchen towel while feeding her daughter. she said she felt uncomfortable and left and now look at what all these moms are doing in retaliation.
8:39 am
>> clayton: that was my chick-fil-a near my house in florida. >> mike: have a great chicken breast sandwich there. >> alysin: perhaps he should just a handful -- cool. old medalist michael phelps was driving with an invalid out-of-state license. he also told police he drank a beer about an hour before he was involved in an accident on thursday night. officers say the accident was not his fault. he was hit by another driver who ran a rabbi. no one was seriously hurt. >> it hurts watching this video but we will show it anyway. check out these fire fighters in colorado. they made a big splash at a water park there during an annual belly flop contest in waterworld in the town of westminster. there were no big bellies associated with the contest which i think is part of a belly flop contest. as the fire fighters do their best to make the biggest laugh, fire fighter, ron palin, walked away with the gold. and those are your headlines.
8:40 am
>> mike: is not some stability -- while never mind. it's the fault. your face, your check, and parks south. >> clayton: that's insulting. instead of this weekend we look to breed new sociological studies at scientists claim when you get insulted by people, you are yelled at by people, it's better to take that line down. water off a ducks back when you are laying down some starts insulting you and you and you according to the study research shows you're less likely to take it personally. >> mike: you are pathetic you are a mess. do something about your close. >> clayton: mike, stop it. >> mike: what a dork spewing out traveling down. >> mike: i mean you really are appalling. you are an investment in the industry. what's the theory, clayton. why would this feel better soon i will tell you since clayton is
8:41 am
sleeping this is a cognitive scientist from texas a&m this is your brain chemistry and it could be changes when you laid out. your fight or flight instinct ha-ha changes and you become more aviation and childlike. much like clayton is. ceding to insults playing out. this is not practical. when you are insulted you lay flat. >> mike: dollar and the study shouldn't say you should have it on your mouth. >> clayton: i just do that because i like it. i like that i agree with that. you are lying and that you don't want to deal with it. i'm just going to sleep i don't care the one who is yelling at you hinted that? speaking to people in the street speed senator hollings out. what's your name to max alexander. >> rick: an internet? some accident the. >> rick: there are two samantha's. >> samantha and samantha.
8:42 am
>> rick: in the tropics are getting active. there is tropical storm. it formed overnight. it was a tropical depression now is gaining strength. as you move forward the path of the storm that could potentially could affect areas of florida as part of this week. i'm not that concerned about how the storm hanna is another story behind it is a bigger concern and we will be talking about that over the next few days. across the u.s. produces more and more across the part of the country. i cool down across the northern rockies. that's about 50 is below average the average across eastern two thirds of the country. the central part of his starts. the satellite radar picture shows the eastern country absolutely beautiful today as southeast including areas of florida will be dealing with o. and we will see some heavy rain showers across the southeast. also across the central plains a few starts firing from, south dakota and upwards minnesota for
8:43 am
the afternoon. back inside soon thanks, rick. >> clayton: president obama blamed the death penalty on people like sarah can and those who are trying to scare the public. why did the senate scrapped that position? governor mike huckabee will tell us coming up soon for us he will jam of elvis. ♪ he said he was high-class ♪ that was just a lie ♪ when they said you were high-class ♪ ♪ but that was just a lie ♪ yet you ain't never caught a rabbit ♪ ♪ and you ain't no friend of mine ♪ the great taste of splenda® no calorie sweetener and added a little fiber? sweet! sweet! sweet! (announcer) splenda® no calorie sweetener with fiber.
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8:46 am
>> alysin: a bipartisan senate committee dropped the end-of-life provision from a health care bill. the idea still exists in three hospitals are biased counseling to those anticipating the end of their lives. >> clayton: now that it has been cut, was it a good idea to drop the provision? with us, former rocker outside is the host of "huckabee", mike huckabee former governor of arkansas is here. >> mike: whether it takes to get the rating for the "fox & friends" show.
8:47 am
>> clayton: don't put that out there because we have other ideas. >> mike: i was so much fun. they are great. >> alysin: you did a great job. put on your other half. >> mike: is another one which mark. >> alysin: policy wonk. i am serious to feel personally about this. isn't end-of-life counseling important for people who may be battling a terminal disease which mark. >> mike: of course it is and everybody ought to be thinking with her family and her doctor about do they have a dnr, a do not resuscitate order on their own personal agenda. do they have instructions for end-of-life. but that's a family decision does not government decision. and it's a decision that needs to be made within the context of those members of the family in consultation with their physician. >> alysin: this would provide money for the doctor and perhaps guidelines for the doctor to do that. >> mike: if you trust government and this is great. i don't because i was in that
8:48 am
too long and i see how things can be perceived one-way, even presented and delivered differently. this is just an area where i think it's best for the government to step away. the president can't decide himself what he wants to do. when we do talk to reform. they decide that message isn't working so it's health-insurance reform and the demonizes the insurance company. he is going to save money on his going to save money -- spend money. the truth is they don't know. >> clayton: sarah palin ignited controversy with her that panels. but she denied an important point that wasn't being talked about. seniors fear this. seniors are showing up at town hall meetings and what they were bringing up is that even without these death panels of peace and of life talking but it is still resting of healthcare that would take place. even if it's a national program there is rationing that would take place and that's a significant concern to seniors. should it be? >> mike: it should be. when you hear politicians say
8:49 am
you will have coverage for everything you had before it sounds great. comforting. this is why it's not true. they say we can cover the mri but if they reduce the payment for the mri, if they reduce the doctor for certain procedures, and doctors and hospitals will perform the procedures so rationing can be done through the front door so that i sang your got to get it, or saying you will get covered but nobody will pay for it which is begun. expect our rationing and that's the part they're not telling you about. >> clayton: medicare would cover some parts but that make people pay for medigap insurance to cover the part that's not good for. >> mike: just her member that medicare does not reimburse now for the actual cost. there is a cost shift that goes. when the government gets involved saying they would save money on day care and medicaid how they do that? reduce the reversed with these people in the private pay system pays more. if you are in a private insurance plan your costs go up,
8:50 am
you'll be forced to the government planned because of the holy one anybody can afford to have governor, we were talking about including this strange case of people being criminally charged for frank sita unbelievable clustered around for a second. two school officials face jail time or print before lunch. the aclu filed a lawsuit saying it violated the constitution. does the constitution trump the aclu? it is all complicated but not for the governor. with a fair and balanced debate coming up. bicycle, i've missed you. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ . being smart. yep.
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8:53 am
>> mike: on high school principal did not think he was
8:54 am
doing anything wrong when he asked his perfect record to say that prayer out of school luncheon. both men now face criminal charges and could even go to jail for violating a court order any prayer in santa rosa county, florida. i think milton, florida is the exact town. the election i told -- the luncheon about where the prayer was said was for adults. students were not there. what does the constitution say about religion and prayer in schools and what should happen in this case which mark we are back with governor mike huckabee and from dc rob boston the communications correct or for. they been charged, with criminal intent. >> mike: i understand murder is terminal, assault and battery, but prayer? this is the most absurd thing i've ever heard of in my life. it's embarrassing that in the united states of america we would use tax dollars to provide for footwashing at the university of michigan but we're afraid to allow an adult in
8:55 am
front of adults to say a prayer. >> mike: what does the constitution say? >> mike: the constitution is simple. the bill of rights restrict government not citizens. it says the government cannot prefer religion or prohibit religion. that's it. that's what it says. >> mike: barack, what's your take which mark's back-to-school list promoting conservative christianity. they were under court order to stop doing that. the principle violated the court order. anyone who violates a court order faces sanctions including fines or jail time. i will not lose sleep over this. the man violated a court order he is a scofflaw and as someone who supports line order i believe you should be sanctioned >> mike: the judge said don't do it. >> mike: no judge would ever be so ridiculously unconstitutional to say that an adult in front of other adults could not express
8:56 am
himself. we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. if you prohibit someone from saying what he wishes that would be government imposing a prior restriction. i think it's just patently absurd. there is not 3% of the american people who believe it ought to be terminal -- criminal, mike -- that person would have a prayer in front of a booster club for a school athletic program. that's absurd. >> i want to correct the record. there were students at this event. i talked to an attorney involved and there were students at this event. he violated a court order. >> mike: who got hurt? smack the harm is, governor, what you're angry about is the fact that people are standing up saying we are tired of using our public schools at public institutions to promote a specific type of conservative christianity. we are tired of it and standing up to it. we are stopping it. >> mike: people are so afraid that somebody might believe in god. i don't care if this get up and say i disagree with god.
8:57 am
it's fine for a muslim -- >> you have been on the losing side of this issue for 50 years. governor, if this were a violated the order to promoting islam you would be going crazy and all the conservatives like you would be yelling and screaming he would order them to stop and go to court and you would have a point because the public schools are not supposed to promote religion. that's for churches and the home ironically i stand up her parental rights. i think parents should have the right about what religion it are exposed to not some principal or teacher promote a version of religion that is completely at odds with what the parents want. why would you want that russian mark. >> mike: i hate to stop discussions but i have to stop this one. thank you for joining us. we could debate this all day long but we will keep an eye on this case. >> mike: i will talk about it on my program tonight and i'll have an attorney involved. watch 8:00 pm. >> mike: do these guys really have to go to jail push mark.
8:58 am
>> mike: it's absurd. >> mike: sparks life not only on "fox & friends" but white house press room. did you watch this? >> mike: i could see this. incredible. >> mike: we will dissect this whole thing that happened in the press room the other day when we come right back. don't go away plus a complete unknowns bob dylan? stopped by cops and the police officer didn't recognize this footage in. we will find out what happened to bob dylan and please stop we come back. taking its rightful place in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz.
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9:01 am
>> good morning everyone, it's saturday, august 15th, here is what's happening at this hour. president obama taking his health care message on the road. is he convincing his critics? we'll have a live report from montana. >> sparks fly at the white house in the press room there. our very own major garrett faces off with robert gibbs, you saw the footage. >> you don't have to say anything, i'm telling you what af done. e-mails from people and never asked anything-- >> i'm to say-- >> saying something constructive-- >> we have constructive discussion of what happened there in the press room a few days ago and what has been resolved in the case. and you know what they say, let the buyer beware, the government is writing checks uncle sam can't cash and the new car you just bought with cash for clunkers could get repossessed. our slogan this morning from joanne in thomas river, new
9:02 am
jersey, "fox & friends" our savvy guide, they report, we decide. decide. >> live from the news crossroads of the world, this is "fox & friends." >> it is. >> hey, guys. >> welcome to "fox & friends" on this beautiful saturday morning, i'm clayton morris, alisyn camerota and that is, that is. >> that thing over there is mike jerrick, great to be back here on "fox & friends," four years since i hosted this show. >> and like riding a bike, you never really-- >> elvis, please, dave briggs is on vacation, and he didn't get a chance to see mike jerrick or elvis on the plaza this morning. >> the reason why elvis is here, august 1977, were you born. >> 76, yeah. >> i was already doing a television show and announced that elvis passed away in
9:03 am
1977. >> wow. >> and so that's why it's elvis week. >> you worked with edward r muhro? >> as a matter of fact, on the air. >> that's right, and marchionne handed you the microphone. >> good night and good luck. >> good night and good luck. >> and it's elvis week here, that we are celebrating with stingray out there, he'll be our house band for the rest of the hour. in the meantime, town hall. >> town hall out there in montana, president obama continuing the tour of the country and holding another town hall meeting in colorado, after one in big sky country and do a little sightseeing. joining us from big sky, montana now is fox's oun mike emanuel, morning, mike. >> clayton, guys, after a sightseeing visit with the family, yellowstone park. president obama with a town hall meeting in grand junction, colorado. the president came to do sightseeing and a town hall
9:04 am
event. the town hall of belgrade. senator max baucus is from here and the health negotiations, chairman of the senate finance committee. and it had a campaign feel to it though it lacked the fireworks of others we've seen with members of congress this summer. self-described member of the n.r.a. challenged the president and senator baucus. >> we keep getting the bull, that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. you're saving here, you're saving over there, you want to take a little money here, you're going to take a little money there, you have no money. the only way you're going to get that money is raise our taxes, you said you wouldn't. >> you're absolutely right that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. you're right. i can't do that. so we're going to have to find the resources. >> well, that's-- i think that's the issue.
9:05 am
i think, you know-- >> now, president obama thanked him for asking that question in a respectful way, up next this morning, the president has spent time at yellowstone park and looking at old faithful. speaking of old faithful, mike, nice to have you back. >> should i take umbrage to the world old? i think it's ole faithful. >> that grand ole flag. >> interestingly, the town hall there that mike alluded to, were not as fiery and combustible and once we have seen people-- >> i wanted it to be, i think the president wanted it to be more fiery. >> according to aides, they were looking for tough questions, the president was briefed and prepared and wanted to hit them out of the park and only got two hard questions. >> exactly. we'll play that for you before ten o'clock. >> but i don't think it was as fiery as what arlen specter in pennsylvania earlier in the week. >> and up there in lebanon,
9:06 am
festival pennsylvania. he was yelled at by the people at the town hall meeting. as alisyn pointed out arlen spect specter. quote, not representative of the nation at large. he thinks that the people were planted there. listen to what one exchange took place in lebanon, pennsylvania this week. >> many i reviewed 3200 the best i could. to me it's obviously written with the assumption that government has the right to control our lives, from pre-birth to death. for that reason, it's not worth considering, it's not worth modifying, it's not worth amending, it needs to be dumped. [applaus [applause] >> i believe the polls show that most people are happy with their health care. there's a few problems. the illegals.
9:07 am
they shouldn't even be here. [applaus [applause]. >> the. >> i would ask congress to do something to send them home so we don't have to deal with that. there are people who don't want to pay for coverage, then let them pay for the service when they get the service, we shouldn't have to provide for that. tort reform, let's focus on helping people. but leave us alone. that's all we would ask, would you leave us alone? >> now, that exchange, i find very interesting because that man was actually very measured. he wasn't yelling at the senator and senator specter was very patient. he was taking in an earful. he was listening, so that one was civil, but the crowd was raucous in terms of yelling and jeering andlators on there was a moment where the senator had ask, or asked him to leave or allowed him to leave if
9:08 am
necessary. and some people have been ushered out by police even at some town meetings. >> it's come close to fisticuffs, including that town hall, one man put his hands on another man to physically remove him and arlen specter had to break that up. >> there were fireworks in the white house press, the white house on friday are looking over the list submitted by fox news, fox news had given them a list of e-mailers, people who they say received unsolicited e-mails on health care from the white house. unsolicited, what does that mean? they have never given their name or e-mail address to then candidate obama or to the white house itself. e-mails they've received without having done any of that and this is what ignited this whole exchange over major garrett pan press secretary gibbs. >> violating the law. >> never ever signed up for anything related to this white
9:09 am
hou house, senator obama's as candidate or senator obama as anything and received e-mails from david axlerod. >> i'd be interested to see who you got that e-mail from and whether or not they are owe on the list. >> i want to be very-- i need to give you the people's e-mails so you can check them on a list? >> i'm asking. >> well, you're asking if they're on a list. and they. >> checking without asking to double-check the name. >> they're telling you they're not on a list because they never asked for any e-mail. >> i'd have to look at what you've got major, i appreciate the fact that i have omnipotent clarity as to what you received in your e-mailbox today. today. >> i don't have omnipotent clarity, i'm telling you what i've got e-mails from people who never asked for anything-- >> and go on to something constructive. >> i love hearing grown men using the of term omnipotent
9:10 am
clarity. >> not enough. >> and never had omnipotent clarity. >> let's clear it up. a lot of people thought it was a legitimate question, back to major garrett, when you look at e-mails, it could be something sinister in that request, but-- fox news decided to contact the people who received those e-mails and ask them permission, do you mind if we pass on the e-mails that you received to the white house to try to get to the bottom of it? >> that's right, to get to the crux of the matter, which is where did they get the e-mail addresses if they're not on some sort of list somewhere? i think that the white house is suggested that perhaps people just send them to friends and friends forward them on to friends so they ended up in the hands of people who are not on any of these lists, they will answer that. >> that would be ease toy discover. >> it'd be very easy to-- >> we should say on "fox &
9:11 am
friends" if you received an e-mail from the white house and not on any campaign list, send them to "fox & friends" and let's head over to rick reichmuth. >> can you smell the of fried chicken? >> that's what we're-- >> they are he' frying up the chicken for this man meal. >> man meal? >> you wouldn't wan it either. >> we have a tropical storm ana, and bill later on today, maybe even this afternoon and obviously, the names we're watching that one, but bill probably bigger concern for us, this is the official track for bill, excuse me for ana, across areas towards florida maybe the middle part of the week. a lot could go wrong with the storm and might not be dealing with anything. bill is a bigger concern and we'll probably be watching closely the next couple of days.
9:12 am
this right here is the tropical activity, i don't think we'll see anything form out of this officially, but we're going to see a lot of rain pull in across much of the southeast and today, we'll see it. south florida, and across the keys, the moisture is going to pull off further towards the north and many areas of georgia, alabama and carolinas, and also the fire across parts of the west, and san jose and the santa cruz area, going to continue to see unfortunately some pretty bad conditions there, mostly because of the drought that we have going on. 44%, and say they're dealing with droughts across california and a little bit of rain across the northern plains. >> and you hear what he said. he said that ana is going to turn into bill later on this afternoon. that surgery? >> my name used to be vanessa. >> and gender reassigned, thank you. >> whatever, al. >> thanks, rick, or alisyn, coming up on the show, former senator rick santorum is visiting iowa in the fall. question, what happens when a
9:13 am
senator visits iowa? there he is, senator rick santorum, is he gearing up for a run in 2012? he has no chance to answer he'll be on the show. >> and here is elvis on "fox & friends" and stingray and jail house rockers, here we have elv elvis celebrating elvis week, the king of rock and roll. ♪ don't believe a word i say ♪ what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast, so i can love the air™.
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9:16 am
>> welcome back here to "fox & friends," a former senator rick santorum is headed to iowa in the fall? does it mean he's eyeing a run in 2012? he joins me now from my alma mater pittsburgh. good morning to you senator, thanks for joining us this morning and you saw before the commercial-- >> good morning. >> we had to ask you that question, you're headed to iowa, 2012 what are the plans here? >> the plans are to respond to a request that i got from americans future fund pac and they asked me to come out and talk and i guess they're asking a lot of, i don't know what you'd call us, public figures to come out and speak to the issues that are concerning not just iowans,
9:17 am
but the country. iowa is a very important place, it's the first caucus data and i've been asked to go to a lot of different states to talk about, you know, the issues, to support the party and support the conservative cause and i've been doing that, and i didn't know what i got asked to do in iowa, that that would raise some speculation, let's put it that way. my feeling is, you go out there and take the opportunity to have your voice heard a little louder when you go to a place like iowa and you know, i'm very concerned what's going on in this country right now and i'm looking forward to the opportunity to speaking to that moment. >> we'll move past that, yes or no question, 2012, you ran on running for president? >> it's way, way, way too early for me to even think about something like that. what i'm saying, i'm worried about 2009 and worried about other things and that's the truth. i mean, i really-- i can't, i can't think that far advanced. that's too far. >> we'll get you off that topic. let's go back to-- >> thank you.
9:18 am
>> no problem. let's go back to what we've been talking about this morning, you've been on the show and health care, the president talking, speaking across the country, montana and the western part of the country to more conservative states. the message that he's bringing to the people that he's seeing in the town hall meetings he wants to dispel some rumors that you will get to keep your health coverage, the doctors that you want. and you'll keep the health coverage you want. >> yes. >> you think that the president's message is getting out there and people are responding to it? what are you hearing from the people you're talking to? >> the president's message is not getting out there because it's not consistent with what the bill says. i mean, the president can say anything he wants to say, that what he wants, but unless he puts it in the legislative language to make it so, it's not so and it's very clear from the house bill that you cannot keep the private insurance you have. whether you have arissa coverage, basically, it wipes out the arissa plans going forward and makes you have the
9:19 am
kind of insurance that the government says you must have. it's a mandatory-- that you have to go through these insurance exchanges where you have a government coverage that says this is what kind of insurance and this is the policies that you have to have. that's not keeping your current insurance, so, that's just simply not true. we will hear from the former vice-presidential nominee, geraldine ferraro, she will be up next to debate the topic with you, with the town hall meetings going back and forth, being called all sorts of different names, as we come back. we'll be right back here on "fox & friends." thanks for joining us. rewrite your hair's past and give it a whole new life. new aveeno nourish plus. active naturals wheat formulas proven to target and help repair damage in just three washes. - building shiny, strong... - hair with life. announcer: new aveeno nourish plus.
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>> here are your news, well, here is your news by the numbers. however you want to put it. 64, the number of years since japan surrendered to the
9:23 am
allies in world war ii. over 3 million japanese died in that war. one cent, the amount an itali italian hotel mistakenly charged on the website. the hotel stands to lose about $130,000 because of what they are calling human error. finally, $200, that's how much you would have to pay if you want to get your cat a high school diploma. the diplomas are offered by a company called jefferson high school online and alisyn, i'm not kidding, that's a true story. >> i don't believe you. thank you, mike. meanwhile, town halls across the country as now are heating up with protesters furious about the government's plan to overhaul health care. but are they helicopter of americans? back with us for pennsylvania senator rick santorum and former presidential candidate geraldine ferraro, welcome, geraldine. let me start with you. what do you think is behind the anger we've seen all week
9:24 am
at town halls? >> let me just say that i think town halls meetings are fine. when i was a member of concerni congress, i did this all the time. i come from a conservative cricket that would come in and yell, but did it respectfully. the difference now, i watched john dingell who has fought for his constituents at the auto industry, with the national rifle association, a big member this have whole thing. how they can get in there and go right to his face and treat him disrespectfully, i don't know, and that's where, i don't think it's just constituents, i think it was started, i know, you've seen-- take a look at people behind getting these people to stand up with their card moving down the line on issues that are talking points in the republican party. >> meaning that some of these people have been organizing, you believe that there are plants. >> absolutely. >> at the town halls meetings. >> absolutely. >> how can you tell who is who? >> well, if leave it up to me, and i heard kristin, a little
9:25 am
girl got one a note and she asked the president a question and wow, those questions were planted. nobody made a dmoment about the guy who just got up and you showed the clip of his. he went down a list, all talking points on every single point he makes, who is behind it? in the congress, had to resign, he works-- he just lost his job, i mean, these are people who have been behind it, pushing this stuff, it's unbelievable. >> rick, your response to this? >> well, i would agree with her and disagree with her, i agree with her on point that i think that members, people who show up at town meetings should be more respectful and i look at some of the behavior of some of the folks who are ranting and raving and getting up and men naysing getting in the face of members of congress, that's unacceptable and people should be able to come to the town meetings and discuss this passionately, but do it with a modicum of respect so i agree with jerry on that front.
9:26 am
i disagree that these people are put up to it. this is a personal issue, there's nothing more personal than your health and ability to get health care from the doctor or hospital that you want. even more, even more passionate than that. to get your children the kind of care or your father and mother, this is a very personal issue and gets very emotional and to suggest that americans because they come with a list of concerns about something very personal to them, are put up by people, i think, jerry, that's something that the democrats have been saying the past couple of weeks, it isn't selling because the numbers of people showing up and kind of folks showing up, you know, that just doesn't make any sense that these people are put up by whom? lots ever money to put folks up? i mean, the insurance companies are the only ones out there following the president, the hospitals are for it, the doctors are for it, who are the people funneling money to those folks? there isn't any. >> the same people in congress, you're later than i
9:27 am
was, when i was in the congress earlier who got people out, i remember 1979 when i first got down to congress, people were screaming at the panama canal treaty. the same group of people, we were going to fall apart as a nation if we signed on. when have you last heard of problems in the panama canal. 30 years later. >> got you. >> people got themselves together and get behind people who are well meaning and they get scared by these tactics. >> you're not alone in your theory. other people have said it, but we do know from our viewers that they're very angry when it is suggested that as put up. >> on the flip side, there's a backlash going on and laroche was up in west chester county with people and they went up to him and-- go home, they don't like health care, but they're being pushed by these organizations. we've got to leave it there. geraldine ferraro and rick
9:28 am
santorum, we appreciate it. stunning developments from the moment you see here on the screen, this horrible plane crash when this chopper collided with a piper, the air traffic controller was on the phone. what was he talking about? we'll tell you seconds before the crash. and what's coming up? >> well, today i'm going to tell you how to climb a ladder, not the oesh ladder or ladder of success, but an actual ladder and how to get the right ladder and use it safely. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast,
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9:31 am
>> all right. welcome back here to "fox & friends." you know, last weekend, a theory that the giant water slide video was authentic and real. >> and i think it's real. >> do you think it's real? we've got confirmation, mike, listen, in australia an engineer built the biggest water slide on earth or did he? the video you're looking at is a fake. >> how do you know? >> i knew it was a fake. >> because it's part of a computer animated television commercial, it doesn't take away from the fact it isn't awesome to watch. >> you're giving me the eviden evidence. how it's fake. >> i don't hear any evidence here? >> we know that a computer company put it together. now, it was completely enmated and you see the guy flying down and digitally rendered and flying through the air. even if he landed in the pool
9:32 am
of water, he'd be dead. >> he'd be dead. >> why, he had a helmet on. >> you talk about a belly flop. he would have shattered his spine, wouldn't he? >> i don't care if he lands in water. you see the commercial he says we shouldn't have coca-cola and flies out of the window and lands in his chair, have you seen that? >> that's not real? >> no, alisyn, it's not. wait a minute, even that geico lizard? >> that's not real. >> this is ground breaking. in the meantime, let me tell you the headlines, we have to start with a fox news alert for you because a bomb has exploded right outside n.a.t.o. headquarters in afghanistan, leaving at least seven people dead. more than 90 other people are wounded. the bomber somehow managed to get through seven layers of police to get to the gate of the n.a.t.o. building. this is the first major bombing in kabul since february, a week before the afghan presidential elections and authorities are bracing for more attacks and asked
9:33 am
internation internationals to leave. >> we've learned about the shocking moment caught on video when a police collided with a helicopter over new york's hudson river last weekend. according to transportation officials at the exact moment of impact which you see here, the air traffic controller was not only on the phone talking to his girlfriend, we learn he was chatting with her about his cat. nine people were killed in this it tragic accident. the controller and supervisor who was not in the tower at the time, which is required, they're now on administrative leave. a 72-year-old man who shot four men trying to rob a store is back at work. charles augustino, jr., they tried to pistol whip an employee. he took the matters in his own hands. he picked up a shotgun, he had a permit for, shot three times killing two.
9:34 am
he bought the dpn 20 years ago. police are not charging him with a crime. there's a long standing law that says a person can use deadly force, if they believe they'll have deadly force against them. bob dylan was treated by like a nobody by the police. of a resident of long branch report roed someone wandering around the neighborhood. it was dylan, he asked for i.d. he claimed he didn't have any i.d. on him, he toured in the 06's. and a second responded, and the officer didn't recognize dylan, and he bought back to the staff and confirmed he was dylan. they thanked dylan for his cooperation. you know what, i have to say something. >> what. >> i would not recognize bob dylan at 68 years old. unless he opened his mouth at
9:35 am
which point i would recognize his voice, quite distipnct tiff ♪ i want to go back to my h hotel ♪ . >> and his voice, too, if he's speaking. >> then they're just too young would be police officers ♪ i want to go back to my hotel across my big brass bed ♪ . >> thank you, mr. jarrett. >> do you do any impersonations? >> no. >> nothing at all. >> no. >> that's what's your name. >> colin. >> colin, thank you, take a look at the weather picture, we've got to talk about the first storm of the year, and not that exciting after storm and behind it is not yet bill, but potentially a much more exciting storm, could be dealing with problems from that later on this week. and the official track of ana, and a tropical depression and this is the official path from
9:36 am
ana, up to 70 mile per hour storm maybe around florida thursday. not all that concerned or convinced at this point. looking at the u.s. right now. temperatures, like i say, it's warm enough across the eastern part of the country and 76 as you're waking up in new york and 70's across the eastern two-thirds of the country and we also have some rain to deal with across parts of florida today. and we're also going to be watching some more storms across the central plains, firing from north dakota all the way down through oklahoma, all right, clayton, what are you doing, learning how to climb the ladder. >> yes, they told me do not climb the ladders. dave white from home depot to talk about ladders. this brings me back to my childhood. my dad, clayton hold the ladder while i work. >> the ladder is one. most important tools to work with whether you're inside or outside. make sure to get the right ladder and do it safely. >> and my dad, i think we got the same someone for christmas for my dad. let's show this one. 16 foot.
9:37 am
>> this is a 16 foot extension ladder, aluminum, light weight economic economical mainly used for outside, the gutters and painting the house that kind of thing. >> this would be a step ladder, used when you don't have something to lean the ladder up against. indoors, this is a fiberglass from warner, and fiber glass is important if you're around electricity and it's not conductive. >> and this is again from warner, this is great to have around because you can use it as a step ladder like this, you can use it as a scaffold and you can use it as a scaffold for painting and wall paper stripping. if you have an uneven level, i don't know if you can get a shot of this. like a step, you can do this. >> that's great. >> you've got a ladder-- >> let's be honest, dave, most things we use a ladder for, uneven in the yard and always a little movement. >> you can straighten it out
9:38 am
to be an extension ladder. >> as i mentioned at the top this is something i grew up having to do. climb up the ladder to clean the gutters, and say hold the ladder. >> i'm not sure that did anything. if he's going to fall am i able to pick him back up? >> that's tricky. you want to make sure you use the ladder the right way. you're going to have uneven surfaceses, you don't want things under there, bricks and things to shore the ladder up. you can get an accessory for that. this is an add on for warner to allow you to extend one eyed or the other for a unevn uneven surface. if this was lower. you can get a stabilizer bar i would recommend for any extension ladder, you can see it up top there. >> yeah. >> i've got one of those on mine. it makes it extremely stable when you're way, especially way up. >> way up, i came home from school my dad explained he'd fallen off the side of the
9:39 am
house. what in the world did you do wrong here? i think waste going up backwards on the ladder. >> and you don't want to do that. and you want the right size, the right height. this says 16 foot. that doesn't mean you can climb up to a 16 footstep. it means if you look here, your reach is actually 15 and that's where you're standing on the safe rung and reaching 15 feet as well as the weight rating here. this is rated for only 200 pounds. you can get up to 375, includes the person's weight, clothing and tools and materials you're carrying up the ladder. >> bringing information, important safety stuff, too, if to home and you can see the accessories we've been talking about today. mike and alisyn, back to you guys. >> don't walk under one. >> no, bad luck, i wouldn't do that, never. >> ladders to clunkers, cash for clunkers hitting new road blocks. could that brand new car
9:40 am
you're driving get repossessed? >> huh? plus, eat like a man, order some chicken fried in coke. men have such great taste. the ingredients for some macho meals. they're on the menu. a man meal coming up >> plus, it's elvis week, where we're commemorating the passing of elvis back in 1977, august 16th. that would be tomorrow. it's elvis week out at 48th and 6th in midtown manhattan. ♪
9:41 am
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happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> our cash for clunkers. you know the program, designed to get everyone driving more energy efficient cars. is it hurting the very dealerships that you are told to shop at? >> yeah, we're joined by david rosenberg president of prime
9:44 am
auto group, currently owed over 1 million dollars in rebate reimburse thmentreimburs my goodness, david, if uncle sam doesn't come up with the money, what are you going to do? >> well, if uncle sam doesn't come up with the money, mike, it's certainly going to be problematic because no one wants to just throw millions of dollars out the window. >> now, david, hold on a minute. how is it possible that they owe awe million dollars? they're not paying. you've sold cars and the government isn't sending you the rebate money? >> as of wednesday, there's been an 85% rejection rate from the nhtsa to every clunker submission. >> what does that mean? >> there's only been-- >> what does that mean. >> they are rejecting it on a variety of different reasons, ranging from dealer issues that quite frankly, the of submarine contractor handling
9:45 am
the program is making a lot of mistakes as well. >> so, if i go in and turn my clunker in, i get a new car, then the application, the submission, the claim goes to the government, but i already have the car, right? >> you're already driving the car, the dealer has taken in your clunker, and the dealer has submitted over the internet an application, pa very lengthsy application for the clunker rebate. >> so, if i get rejected, can i turn the car back into the dealer? >> well, actually the burden is not upon the consumer. it's not upon the car buyer, the burden is upon the dealer. we have, you know, we're just like every other dealer out there, an 85% rejection rate as well. what we need to do is resubmit the claim. >> oh. >> hopefully get them approved and then wait to get paid. >> and then if you don't, i
9:46 am
don't is left holding the bill? is it you or is the car repossessed from the consumer? >> no, the car is not going to be repossessed from the consumer. what's going to happen, we are going to be out-- america's dealerships are going to be out that money. >> are you, all right, this seems like a warning, are you warning people maybe to be more careful about this clu clunkers program? >> no, actually, i don't think the consumer, they're impacted at all. >> car buyers are not impacted. car dealers, america's car dealers are being impacted because number one, it takes a lot of time to submit a claim. there have been problems with the website. number two, even when we submit a claim, chances are it's going to get rejected and number three, we don't know how long it's going to take to get our money once the claim has been approved.
9:47 am
>> real quickly here, so, dealers beware. i heard maybe the staff looking at the claims is only about 200 people as far as the government side of this, is that the problem? >> it's about 300-- that's a big part of the problem, there's around 300 people right now supposedly this weekend, they're doubling it to 600 and next week adding another 400 so there will be a thousand people handling the claims. >> good information this morning. >> good luck, david, getting your million dollars you're owed. thank you for joining us. >> a dealer out in orange county, california submitted 92 claims and only got tn three return three-- gotten three. be careful dealers. >> moments ago we learned that virginia senator j jim webb secured the release of a pris prisoner. this story just coming in. >> we all need magic in our
9:48 am
life every now and then. there is is jen cramer, 17 years old, a teen magician and helping people out in hospitals with her magic. how does she do that, jen, are you willing to do some tricks for us today? >> absolutely. >> oh, she's already started. >> here we go, a $2 bill. >> we need her in the government when it comes to the recession. >> what? >> ♪ it's magic, you know . >> how does she do that? >> it's crazy. >> that's inflation, isn't it? let's check with jen who can take money disappear. >> you want me to disappear? my guys brush their teeth like they clean their room.
9:49 am
i'm glad anticavity listerine® smart rinse™ attracts stuff like a magnet, then shows it in the sink. ewww. gross. cool! (announcer) listerine® smart rinse™. save, visit . %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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9:51 am
9:52 am
. . >> this is a fox news alert. senator jim webb just secured the release of an imprisoned american on his visit to myanmar. t the-- he was arrested after secret ly swimming to opposition leader and spending two days there in violation of her house arrest. has been sentenced to seven years prison with hard labor, it's now likely he will be deported shortly after the senator wraps up his visit. let's go over to clayton and mike for fun. >> well, men, we're men. >> we're men. >> we eat fried chicken, especially fried chicken made with coca-cola, according to he is squire magazine, featured eat like a man. >> recreate a famed new orleans secret recipe from
9:53 am
willie may, called coca-cola fried chicken. joining us from oxford, mississippi, good to see you, chef, coca-cola and fried chicken. >> coca-cola and fried chicken. we took in a lot because it imparts extra flavor remind us what brining is. >> you want to add much flavor as possible, we use the coca-cola, adds color and sweatness, sits there for two hours. >> based on the rooek down there, after katrina, you rebuilt the restaurant. why do men like this, what about the coca-cola makes the fried chicken so good. >> i think that coke is a southern thing. f forgive the guys from pepsi. i started doing it with my
9:54 am
thanksgiving turkey. >> how long will it sit there? >> at least two hours, i mean, best about two hours, but you can leave it overnight. >> so, are we real men when you look at us and say, alisyn, you can't come over here, because it's real men. >> it's manly, but i like it, too. >> we're not going to get any cooking down. >> you've got the ingredients here and throwing all the ingredients in. quickly, what do you have in there? >> flour, onion powder, salt, pepper, a little bit of cayenne, and this is, you don't see a whole lot of thin battered fried chicken in the south most is dredged. >> stick around for the after the show show. and we'll go through the process in the after the show show as well. she's making the difference with magic, jen cramer, the magician makes a new favorite trick, she's outside and going to dazzle the crowd as she's been doing all morning. we will be right back. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for?
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9:58 am
>> would you like to change your mind. you have that ongs if you choose to do so. >> no. >> fantastic. now, we have all the cards here, i'd like you to do, let me know-- before you tell me the car i'm going to name it in fact. >> what? >> it's named mike jarrett, believe it or not. >> no wonder it's a celebrity card. >> exactly. >> but you know, what was your card. >> the gene of hearts. >> you chose the queen of hearts. any reason you chose the queen of hearts. >> because you're a queen and you have my heart. >> that's very sweet. thank you so much. >> oh. >> thank you, and here we have the queen of hearts just like that and we'll take that card, place it down on the table. as you can see, each of those cards has the name of a celebrity on the back, brad pitt. >> and i'm confused with brad pitt. >> brooke shields. >> have you chosen the ace of diamonds you would have gotten david copperfield. >> an inspiration. >> exactly. >> tiger woods, madonna,
9:59 am
dakota fanning. >> and each of these cards have a different celebrity. >> written on the back. your card. and mike jarrett. >> and hold that still. are you kidding me? >> it's magic. >> wow. >> you're using magic to help other people as well. she works at mike sinai hospital. >> it's magic. >> it's a their p their pew particul particular-- they a and they use the tricks to show to friends and family and in doing so helps them recovery quickly in their recoveries. >> good for you. >> thanks so much. >> good for you. i'll tell you this, one more thing disappear, okay? >> and that's this program. okay? "fox & friends," can you make this program disappear? >> i can try. ready? >> before do you that, before you snap your fingers, and while in vegas, congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being on the show. thanks for having me.


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